Bucket List

So, drawing inspiration from my very dear and very special friend Shaha and her life list, I have finally managed to write down my bucket list. I’m pretty sure there will be more that I will add to this list down the line, and more that I will cross out in the years to come.

I always had an idea of what my bucket list would be like, and I always kept it in my head. It’s great that I have boiled down most of it onto the most important and special ones and wrote on this list. It took a while to do, mind you. But I have tried to keep it as realistic, yet exciting as possible.

So, here it goes in no particular order, but categorically! I’ve tried to put as much pictures I have of the stuff I have managed to do. If you have any (good) pictures of me while doing it, do send it to me and I shall upload it! Thanks!

Fun, Fun, Fun

1)      Go sky diving

Skydiving at Byron Bay, NSW, June 2016

Skydiving at Byron Bay, NSW, June 2016

2)      Go bungee jumping


3)      Go deep sea diving

4)      Make a 3 course meal for my closest friends

5)      Go to a concert of one of my favorite artists

6)      Have a psychedelic experience

7)      Go on a hike

8)      Run a marathon

9)      Go on a safari trip with friends


10)   Go on a road trip with someone I love

11)   See a comet

12)   Go skinny dipping

13)   Swim with dolphins/manta rays

14)   Take a cool picture under water

15)   Jump into the sea from a cliff/somewhere high

16)   Fall asleep under a willow tree

17)   Experience snow

18)   Make a snow man

19)   White-water rafting

20)   Bathe in a waterfall


21)   Take 1 picture a day for a year

22)   Read my future kids the Harry Potter books

23)   Say ‘yes’ for a whole day

24)   Throw a masquerade party

25)   Be in a flash mob

26)   Donate blood


27)   Attend a black-tie event

28)   Kiss the love of my life under a star-lit sky

29)   Dine in the dark

Learning and growing

30)   Be fluent in Spanish

31)   Be a vegetarian for a month

32)   Learn to ride a bicycle

33)   Learn to play a tune on an acoustic guitar

34)   Attend a ballroom class

35)   Attend a hip-hop class

36)   Learn how to make 10 kinds of origami

37)   Learn to swim well

38)   Be in a Shakespearean drama

39)   Attend a cooking/baking class

40)   Learn to drive a car

41)   Be a better public speaker

42)   Learn Thai/French cuisine

43)   Learn how to fish properly


44)   Find the love of my life

45)   Be in a relationship for more than a year

46)   Fall madly in love

47)   Get married

48)   Figure out what I want to be, when I grow up

49)   Go abroad for my studies

50)   Get my degree

51)   Get my master’s degree

52)   Get my doctorate degree

53)   Find a perfect balance between work and personal life

54)   Start a campaign for a cause I believe in

55)   Get my own apartment in Male’

56)   Get my driver’s license


57)   Be a father

58)   Be a grand father

59)   Start my own business

60)   Start my own charitable organization

61)   Help make a life changing decision for someone

62)   Find a best friend

63)   Send my parents on a vacation

64)   Be an inspiration to someone

65)   Fund my own masters/doctorate degree

66)   Grow old with the love of my life


67)   Get a salary of more than 10,000 rufiyaa

68)   Buy a cool phone with my own money

69)   Buy a gaming console with my own money

70)   Get abs

71)   Have a full spa day

72)   Own my own bike/car

73)   Own a tuxedo

74)   Own a suit

75)   Work out of country for a year

Miscellaneous and Weird

76)   Grow a beard long enough to be plaited

77)   Have a pony tail

78)   Be an organ donor

79)   Break a part of my body (in an accident)

80)   Experience amnesia

81)   Write to Ellen Degeneres for a whole month

82)   Meet J.K. Rowling


83)   Go to Italy

84)   Ride a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs

85)   Visit the Colosseum in Rome

86)   Visit the Sistine Chapel

87)   Visit the Kaaba

88)   Go on a spiritual and religious journey alone

89)   Go to China

90)   Take a picture on the Great Wall of China

91)   Visit the Taj Mahal

92)   Visit the White House

93)   Visit the Ganges river

94)   Take a picture on the Grand Canyon

95)   Visit all of the atolls in the Maldives

96)   Travel to more than 3 continents

97)   Throw a dart on a map and go wherever it lands

98)   See the northern lights

99)   Go shopping in Dubai

100)  Go diving in the Great Barrier Reef


5 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Hi Shaam, It is commendable to have achievable goals, at any age. As confidence is built up one step at a time. I read John Goddard’s list in Readers’ Digest years ago under ” The Man Who Wanted to Do it All” or close to that. What a determined and resourceful man he is! And that was long before Bucket List became a household name! Cheers!

    • You’re absolutely right. I think for me, it’s more about making my life as fulfilling as possible. And it’s so heartwarmingly exciting to strike out something from the list.
      I would strongly advise you to make one as well! Would love to see it 🙂

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